Air Conditioning Service

We rely on our vehicles to get us to work, to school, or a weekend vacation and we expect to do it all in comfort. Your vehicle’s A/C and heater systems have one purpose: to make your ride comfortable.

An air conditioning system draws outside air and removes heat and humidity at a temperature relative to a predetermined temperature set by user controls. The air is circulated first by a fan in front of the evaporator and circulated by a compressor from the evaporator to a condenser for expansion, then back to the evaporator.

Most cars used, until recently, a refrigerant known as Freon. This has since been replaced with a more eco-friendly refrigerant. KEEP IN MIND: Refrigerant will freeze whatever it comes into contact with so protect yourself from exposure. Freon is gas and can be poisonous if inhaled and flammable if it comes into contact with an open flame.

Heater Repair

Many parts are involved in your vehicle’s heating system, including water pumps, heater cores, radiators, head gaskets, and thermostats. Auto Solutions – Total Car Care is prepared to fix your heater if you’re uncomfortable but will also be sure to protect the integrity of your engine by monitoring proper internal temperatures.

Ventilation System

Older cars, garaged cars, or any vehicle in a damp climate is prone to develop bad smells. If you turn on the air while driving and are overwhelmed by the smell of bacteria and mildew bring it into Auto Solutions – Total Car Care in San Rafael, CA for proper ventilation cleaning service.